Soul Deep Dive Course

Busy Does Not Mean Best

In his book, Crazy Busy: Overstretched, Overbooked, and About to Snap, Dr. Edward Hallowell draws the following conclusion: "Being too busy is a persistent and pestering problem, one that is leading tens of millions of Americans to feel as if they were living in a swarm of gnats constantly taking bites out of their lives. All the screaming and swatting in the world does not make them go away." The great pastor and author, Howard Thurman, once said, "[Chronic] busyness is a substitute for the hard-won core of direction and commitment." In the words of that great Motown spiritual, "What Becomes of the Broken-Hearted," it is possible to be "always moving and going nowhere."

Practice: Review your "to-do” list and deliberately decide to focus more on offering up your best rather than just being busy. Work with patience, precision, power, and playfulness. You may not do as much, but your doing will be more meaningful and joyful.