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Living in Celebration of Life

The score was lopsided in the early going of the 2014 West Coast Conference Semi-Final Championship men's basketball contest between St. Mary's and Gonzaga. St. Mary's just seemed to be flat.

One of the television commentators said as much in a way that was memorable for me: "They're not playing as if they're celebrating the game." WOW! Who let the preacher into the arena? The commentator's interpretation of St. Mary's uninspired performance ignited questions in my mind:  What does it mean to play like you're celebrating the game? How does one live in a way that celebrates life? Do I preach, pastor, teach, and write in a way that celebrates each of these magnificent callings?

What are the challenges to living, working, and playing in a way that celebrates what we are doing? How can we manifest the spirit of celebration more often in our being and doing?

Here are some starter answers to the last question:
  • Be thankful for being alive.
  • Be grateful for vocational and recreational opportunities.
  • Savor the experience of engagement with fellow participants.
  • Stay alert for new learning in the involvement. 
  • Remain receptive to how the activity will challenge and change you for the better.
By the way, though St. Mary's eventually came up short, how they finished the game was a whole lot better than how they started it. 
Prayer:  Dear God, What a wondrous gift you have given in giving life! Help me to honor such a gift by choosing to receive and live it in the spirit in which it was given.