How Do We Live Well in the Overwhelm of Unprecedented Personal and Social Transformation?

We may live well by continuing to practice heightened awareness to our surroundings. Prior to the pandemic,
life for many of us was an overly predictable exercise requiring little to no purposeful focus.
That has changed. We see more carefully and deliberately now because we must.

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Living well in overwhelm is also possible through creative adaptiveness. We have agonized, lost, and mourned. And we have pondered, found, and moved on with new tools and techniques forged by ingenuity and necessity.

Soul Deep Dive is a life-changing webinar series created to help you enhance the proven powers of awareness and adaptiveness through utilizing the formidable resources of your Soul: Your Hidden Reservoir of Limitless Wisdom, Peace, and Joy.

To Live Well in Overwhelm, We Must Go Deeper.

What You Receive When You Dive:

  • 7 One-Hour Dive Video and Audio Sessions
    • Module 1: What is the Soul?
    • Module 2: Befriending your Soul
    • Module 3: Being fully present to yourself
    • Module 4: Being fully present to others
    • Module 5 Creating with your Soul
    • Module 6: Bringing Soul to work
    • Module 7: Being Soulfully alive
  • Detailed Guides, Diagrams, and Exercises for Each Module
  • Free 30-Minute Soul Coaching Session with Kirk Byron Jones
  • Access to the Private Soul Deep Dive Facebook Group
  • Access to Private Soul Deep Dive Dialogue Sessions with The Dive Community
  • Discounted Price for future Soul Deep Dive Live Webinar

Your Soul is Calling!

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