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Worn and torn to pieces, feeling no peace?
Continually confused when it comes to making important decisions?
Wish you could have more confidence and feel more relaxed in your relationships?
Desire deeper connection and creative devotion to your work?
Though having much, there is still a nagging sense of something missing?

Whether some, all, or none of the above is true for you, I believe and pray my site will serve you.

Here you will find blog posts, images, podcasts, books, and classes that are born and crafted from deep living, learning, and longing for practical, meaningful spiritual truth.

Stay awhile. Wander and wonder. What if you discover surprising wisdom that will change and charm you in ways you genuinely need?

With your most pressing concerns in mind, search for a title, phrase, or image that you feel strangely drawn to.

Stop. Dwell. Linger. Listen.

You may read something you have read before, but slightly different wording, and the precise moment you are viewing it, will bring just the light you need to have hope, try something new, and most important of all, journey on.

One more thing, please do not leave without at least taking a peek at the Soul Deep Dive Course. I’ll be honest. I hope your peek turns into a stare, and your stare turns into a choice to take “The Dive.” Soul Deep Dive addresses all the concerns I raised in the beginning, and much more.

When a recent diver called Soul Deep Dive “the discovery of a lifetime,” I was deeply humbled but not completely surprised. You see, Soul Deep Dive will help you connect with your inner reservoir of limitless wisdom, peace, and joy, the Sacred Resource You Have Always Possessed to Help You Face it All.

Your Soul is Calling.

Soul Deep Dive 

The life-changing webinar

Created to help you enhance the proven powers of awareness and adaptiveness through utilizing the formidable resources of your Soul: Your Hidden Reservoir of Limitless Wisdom, Peace, and Joy.

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Latest Books

Book Soul to Self

Soul Flow

There is beautiful terrain between doing nothing at all and doing too much. This is the space of Soul Flow: the sweet spot of ease and effort...

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Book Soul Talk

Soul Talk

"Though your soul may be more mystery to you than familiar reality, you are not a stranger to soul moments. When you...

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Book Soul Talk Journal

Soul Talk Journal

The Soul Talk Journal is the highly recommended companion volume to Soul Talk: How to Have the Most...

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Book Soul to Self

Soul to Self

Soul to Self: Recognize your growth. Without hesitation, walk humbly and confidently in your full stature...

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You Are Your Soul

The highest 
of all 
is to be who 
you are.
To be who 
you are
you must 
know who
you are.
To know who 
you are
you must 
listen to
your soul.

Kirk Byron Jones

Kirk Byron Jones is a graduate of Loyola University and Andover Newton Theological School, and holds a Doctor of Ministry degree from Emory University and a Doctor of Philosophy degree from Drew University.

Dr. Jones began preaching at age 12, and has served as a pastor for over thirty years.

Throughout his pastoral ministry, Rev. Jones has served on various religious and civic committees at the local and national level.

Dr. Jones is the author of many books for clergy, and all persons seeking spiritual growth in a changing and challenging world.


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Soul Deep Dive should be a requirement for caregivers, management, or for anyone who has ever said, “I don’t have time to be still. I’m tired. My plate is full.” These seven sessions have reintroduced me to myself.”
D. Lawson
Soul Deep Dive helped me to know myself better. It helped me to better understand and accept the grace of God. It has given me a greater sense of peace.”

J. Teale

Your Soul is Calling!