Soul Deep Dive Course
note book in bed

Catching Beautiful Breakthroughs as You Wake Up

Were you aware that you wake up on fertile ground each morning? The space between coming out of sleep and being fully awake is ripe. It is filled with dream messages that can enlighten. Additionally, one’s own inner voice may be heard more clearly in a space not yet filled with the voices of others. Moreover, this is a time when the mind has not gone into hard think mode. It is still soft and open to a matter we may too easily reject via our hard-nosed critical reflection. Finally, it is easier for us to hear God’s voice when our own voice, as well as the voices of others, have not yet taken center stage.

Don’t miss the blessings of early morning soft-consciousness. Place a notebook, recorder, or another device near your bed so that you may be ready to receive the gifts of first-waking awareness.  Your simply showing such readiness to receive will have you receiving more. We often have not because we expect not.  Expect beautiful breakthroughs! 

[Excerpted from Fulfilled: Living and Leading with Unusual Wisdom, Peace, and Joy]