Soul Deep Dive Course
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Soul Talk Coaching Sessions

Your Soul Talk has the power to change your life for the best. You owe it to your life to do all you can to initiate and sustain that change. Soul Talk Coaching Sessions with long-time pastor, professor, and author, Kirk Byron Jones, D.Min., Ph.D., are designed to help you:

• Attain greater insight and skill regarding the 7 Soul Talk steps.
• Become better able to discern your soul’s unique voice.
• Apply Soul Talk guidance to personal and professional decision-making.
• Cultivate new living confidence to match your new soul clarity.
• Increase your capacity for holding challenging and uncomfortable truth.
• Learn empowering journaling strategies and practices.
• Receive guidance for your personal questions and challenges, and more.

To schedule or learn more about Soul Talk Coaching Sessions, contact  Kirk Byron Jones through the contact page.