Soul Deep Dive Course

Get a Kick Out of God Acting Out in Others

Andre Norman is an internationally celebrated motivational speaker and corporate trainer. Meeting him recently, and hearing his phenomenal story was a great thrill. I was deeply moved by his transformation from prisoner to respected empowerment personality, and by his passion to touch the lives of others, especially our youth.  To add to the charm of it all, our meeting was unscheduled; he just stopped by at the request of a beloved family member.  

What if each of us is a unique expression of God, capable of bringing God joy in any moment? Can knowing that God gets a kick out of us inspire us to more readily get a kick out of each other? How much positive creative energy might be released for personal and organizational uplift by our consciously choosing to be more frequently lifted by each other?

Practice: Become more intentional about observing and enjoying God’s limitless dimensions in other people, and in yourself. Also, visit