Soul Deep Dive Course
Sculpture praying hands

Prayer for a Seminary Graduate

By Kirk Byron Jones - Delivered on May 15, 2009, at Andover Newton Theological School, Newton Centre, MA

I pray for and with these graduating,
yet still journeying
students of wonder and word.

May they be gifted with ministries that are
Faithful and Uncanny, and
Holy and Whimsical,
And, should their spirituality become too isolated,
lofty or stuffy, let them remember
the lighthearted dance of the Nazarene
whose liberating work erupted at a wedding feast
and ended at a seaside fish fry.

Finally, for now, Marvelous Holy One who Loves us all madly,
please continuously mess with their
"Master of Divinity" Degrees
so that sometimes they will read not "Master of Divinity" but rather
"Magic of Divinity"
"Melody of Divinity"
"Mystery of Divinity"