Soul Deep Dive Course
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The Five Sources of Writing Confidence

Writing confidence is the firm belief that what you think and express is more than worth sharing with others. Writing confidence is being actively aware of your right to write. Here are five things to embrace to exude writing confidence: Soul Confidence.

Soul Confidence. A deep self-acceptance of who you are as God's unique human offering and gift to the world—supports writing confidence.

Innate Ability. In as much as you have been thinking and communicating since you can remember, you have been writing all your life. Resist seeing writing as something insurmountable. Writing is thinking on paper.

Personal Experience. Of all the persons who have ever lived, no one has ever lived exactly like you have lived. Your particular experience of life will yield a special expression of life.

Different Perspectives. Your vision of life is unique. Your perspectives are never exactly the same as anyone else. What you say and how you say it will be a matchless offering.

Divine Inspiration. Trust that you have holy help when you write. There is a power beyond our power yielding a continual overflow of wisdom, knowledge, and mystery sufficient enough for all eternity, not to mention a single writing lifetime. To write deeply is to partake in engaged surrender—to Dance with God.