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Calling Forth New Life

Calling Forth New Life

Gratitude Inspires Attitude.

An Inspired Attitude Enhances Perception.

An Enhanced Perception Unleashes New Possibilities. 

With these fourteen words as the empowering and liberating central message, Kirk Byron Jones illuminates the framework for calling forth new life that Jesus used, and shows us how the very same framework can transform our lives and our world.

By examining more closely the sacred might Jesus used to raise Lazarus, you will explore and experience new levels of enchanting creativity and magnificent meaning in your personal, social, professional, and spiritual life.

Among your unforgettable finds in Calling Forth New Life will be In-Visioning, a new dynamic and doable method for bringing your desires to life by Seeing them in your Spirit, Sensing them in your Heart, and Settling them in your Soul. What you See in your Spirit, Sense in your Heart, and Settle in your Soul can Happen in your Life!

By reading Calling Forth New Life and using its companion In-Visioning Journal, you will uncover astonishingly effective inspiration and instruction for getting unstuck, and moving forward with your life. You will discover that new life is no joke--and the best laugh of all!

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