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Calling Forth New Life: The In-Visioning Journal

Calling Forth New Life: The In-Visioning Journal


The In-Visioning Journal is the companion tool to Calling Forth New Life: Becoming Your Freshest, Finest, and Fullest Self.

This unusual journal is designed to help you record insights and strategies you discover while practicing In-Visioning, a powerful new method for manifesting your deepest desires through Seeing in Your Spirit, Sensing in your Heart, and Settling in Your Soul.

The In-Visioning Journal includes a Detailed Explanation of the In-Visioning Process, 10 Special Strategies for Optimal In-Visioning Sessions, and 60 pages for Creative Personal Exploration and Discovery.

In-Visioning will empower you to bring your dreams to life with increasing Clarity, Focus, and Intention. Your only limitation is your own Imagination.

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